POLYRIX — Industrial Scanning Technology

Polyscan Family

POLYRIX provides innovative measurement solutions to industrial manufacturing organizations, allowing them to automate their inspection process in a simple, efficient, and safe way.

Go surround

PolyScanTM Surround 3D Scanners are motionless, multi-sensor 3D measurement systems.

This breakthrough technology provides full part coverage and is fast, safe and simple.

Complete coverage
in a single shot

You may think that a fixed sensor system would be at a disadvantage regarding object coverage compared to a moving one. However, since all optical units in the Polyscan are networked together, the number of triangulation baselines that probes your part increases combinatorially. This allows the Polyscan to provide complete coverage for even the most complex parts.

Automated 3D metrology made simple

  • No trajectory programming and risk of collision
  • No robot safety requirements
  • No complex scan registration using targets or software

Live inspectionTM

Deviation colormaps are projected directly onto the part using a surround array of high-definition projectors.

With this technology, the users can change colormaps in real time and get dynamic intuitive fingertip feedback.

Fastest ROI

  • Capture millions of points 3-4 times faster that handheld or robot scanners
  • Data capture without human intervention
  • No complex software programs to create & maintain
  • Minimal fixturing
  • No intervention on the part before and after scan (e.g. targets application & removal)
  • Low maintenance cost: What doesn’t move doesn’t break

Is your company interested to learn more about Surround 3D Scanning? Polyrix would be glad to perform a free scanning demonstration with one of your part.

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