Process integration

Polyrix can provide turn-key integration of the PolyScan into your process:

  • - Inspection project creation and automated processing
  • - Data exchange with your company systems
  • - Assistance with fixture design
  • - PLM integration
Tell us about your custom needs

Scan service

Polyrix leverages on its own technology to offer scan service at a very competitive price. If you want a quote, just send us picture(s) of the part(s) you want to be scanned. You handle shipping to and from our facility and we send you the scan data.

If you are interested in buying a PolyScanTM and want to perform trial scans of your part, we offer that for free. You simply handle the shipping and we handle the demo.

Fill the online form and send a picture of the parts for quotation.
Upon quotation approval, send your parts to our facility.
We scan your parts and send you a complete report.