High-precision, high-resolution
3D measurement system for parts up to 250mm

PolyScan XS Specs Sheet (PDF)

The PolyScan XS is designed to measure part up to 250mm, combining 210 scanning units. It aims at high precision applications with a volumetric accuracy up to 5µm. Its design is based on a optical laboratory table principle: a structure made of granite for optimal metrology dynamics supported by vibration-damping mounts. Those features make the XS suited for metrology lab, or shop-floor installation. Full part inspection is completed in only 6 minutes


The PolyScan Control Center is the software that controls the hardware and performs all the necessary computations for the inspection. It is fully compatible with all the 3D inspection softwares as it outputs data in standard format. Polyrix provides a complete integration with PolyWorks® by InnovMetric inspection software.

The PolyScan Control Center provides three levels of security: operator, inspector and administrator. For the operator, everything is as simple to operate as a barcode reader. The operator can inspect production using inspection layouts provided by an inspector. The inspector will have previously setup the inspection layout associated with any barcode. He is also responsible for the creation of those inspection layouts. Through PolyWorks® by InnovMetric, for instance, it is possible to setup any GD&T verification and perform Statistical Process Control (SPC) automatically on the operator generated data. The administrator is responsible for all scanner level settings and can assign security level to any user.


The PolyScan offers high inspection throughput, which means higher return on investment. Simply put, the more parts get inspected, the more problems are avoided.

Process control

Since scanning is now made easy, process control is fast to obtain. Validate the repeatability of your process and be certain of your production.

Quick Check

Get a quick check, Go/No-Go, of your part in a matter of minutes. Never guess if you're right anymore, be certain.

No moving parts

By design, Surround 3D Scanners have no moving parts. Thus, the PolyScan is the solution of choice for Metrology or Automated inspection because it is:

  • - SIMPLE: No need to program inspection trajectory, unlike CMM and robot scanning solutions
  • - FAST: Data is quickly captured from every angle. No loss-time due to sensor movement.
  • - SAFE: There are no risk of collision with an operator. No costly enclosure and safety systems are needed.


The PolyScan XS follows the best practices in optical design. Having a heavy granite block on air-mounted supports gives its structure a low natural frequency designed to prevent vibration transmission from the floor to the optical elements. The optical supports have fast transient temperatures to minimize warm ups yet are isolated in the granite block to dampen small temperature variations.


A set of seven (7) computers with Intel Core i7 processors and a total of 128 GB of RAM drives the PolyScan XS. Computations are distributed across this architecture to speed it up. A gigabyte switch handles all the network communications. Data transfer is multiplexed to ensure the data required for inspection are available as soon as the acquisition is completed.



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